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“Following the COVID-19 pandemic, I am unable to find mental peace. Thus, I am currently seeking a peace of mind solution.”

“Our country faced a civil war during the previous decade; we now have an entire generation traumatized & suffering from stress & related disorders.”

“I am seeking tranquillity and balance.”

“I suffer from PTSD and thus have insomnia, & require peace of mind towards fulfillment & personal growth.”

“I am suffering from anxiety, and have panic attacks.”

“Following the COVID-19 pandemic, I am unable to find mental peace & well-being. I am thus seeking a peace of mind solution.”

“I suffer from stress.”

“I suffer from anxiety.”

“I suffer from worry.”

Introduction: A path to inner peace.

Peace of mind solutions: Within the modern-day world, several individuals face stress & disorders and mental imbalances that require peace of mind solutions toward balance.

Mental peace is the state where an individual can be in a mentally optimal condition and state where they are no longer relegated to mental instability, negativity or mental disturbances like anxiety, intrusive thoughts, anger, and disturbances to achieve some form of mental equilibrium.

Peace of mind therapies work towards tranquillity and a balanced life. Aatmikk offers peace of mind counselling services. How can you achieve mental balance and equilibrium?

Why is mental peace important?

Therapies for mental wellness: Individuals afflicted with mental disturbances often require intervention. Mental peace within an individual’s overall life situation can tremendously benefit them in achieving optimal and desirable functioning and operation within their life, work, and professional spheres.  

What are effective methods to address trauma, stress, anxiety, and mental distress? How can these factors that deter individuals have debilitating impacts on individuals? What novel therapeutic approaches exist? How are trauma-release therapies beneficial to individuals?

Peace of mind is a state where an individual is calm without debilitating or excessive stress, anxiety, or worry.


 Mental tranquillity & balance: via Aatmikk, your personal growth consultant. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): Emotional freedom techniques are a form of psychological acupressure. Specific meridian points are targeted, while the focus is on emotional distress.
Teaching Self-hypnosis: Self-hypnosis in order  to achieve Mindful tranquillity.   


Peace of mind solutions enable targeting and relief from stress & anxiety and seek to achieve 

mental balancing and mental balance. Aatmikk (Vanddna Bhargave) enables peace of mind counselling services.


Thus, peace-of-mind solutions can essentially enable individuals to attain mental equilibrium, positivity, and development through therapy, intervention, and hypnosis.

Therapeutic approaches to peace of mind solutions thus enable individuals to develop and reduce anxiety, stress, and disorders and achieve balanced mental states & equilibrium.

What are some specific therapeutic approaches towards peace of mind?

Personal growth therapy incorporates a powerful tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT enables individuals to target energy systems, focusing on meridian points, particularly during emotional distress, thereby facilitating their journey towards peace of mind.  

Teaching self-hypnosis: Self-hypnosis to achieve mental states, use suggestions and improve outcomes within anxiety, stress, panic, and other aspects of mental health that deter peace of mind and achievement of elimination of anxiety, stress & impediments toward mental balance equilibrium.


Personal growth therapy: for peace of mind & attaining calmness at Aatmikk. 

Conclusion: Vandana Bhargave & Aatmikk, with their expertise in therapy, counselling, and treatment, are dedicated to guiding individuals towards peace of mind. An active approach at Aatmikk ensures realistic development and growth towards peace of mind states, and elimination and effective resolution of anxiety, stress, panic, and achievement of mental balance.

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