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Addiction: “I was addicted to drugs & alcohol, without the proper support & guidance, rehabilitation, and lost my job due to my struggle”

“My son is addicted to alcohol, and our family is facing a situation requiring serious consideration, whether to submit him towards a facility/rehabilitation”

“The cause of my COPD and breathlessness is my excessive smoking, due to my addiction, the doctor has recommended me to quit immediately or face diseases within the future”

“I have an addiction to sugar and sweet drinks, that has resulted in sugar spikes within my blood glucose”

“I became addicted to gambling, and have no savings as a result”

Introduction: What is addiction? How can addiction overwhelm individuals?  And provide debilitating effects on individuals? What novel therapeutic approaches exist? How are Trauma release therapies beneficial towards individuals? What mental reprogramming tools are beneficial towards resolving addiction?

As some of the experiences of individuals show, addiction requires serious consideration of treatment options. Due to its debilitating nature, it has severe and damaging consequences towards an individual’s health, well-being, & facets of their lives.

Addiction to substances can often be deadly as it may result in illnesses, some of which are cancer (occurring due to smoking), COPD (arising due to smoking), diabetes (a result of addiction to sugar), cardiovascular disease, arterial blockages (smoking), it can severely impact an individual’s health and overall well-being. It is often quite shocking & sad for individuals to have struggle with addiction, to be diagnosed with health conditions that are life threatening & debilitating. Hence addiction therapy should not be underestimated as it can provide relief.

At Aatmikk, the approach does not underestimate the effects of addiction. We provide hypnotherapy treatment in Gurgaon.

Within the recent scope in terms of global affairs or events that were reported in the news, the opioid epidemic was reported to have had significant effects on individuals and the affected communities, resulting in several deaths. Addiction to substances is thus a dangerous condition that requires serious consideration and treatment.

Mental reprogramming for addiction: At Aatmikk, we understand that It may be Sounding cliché, there are yet effective techniques and approaches, therapeutic tools and therapies that can effectively reprogram an individual towards elimination & reduction in addiction.

Addiction and overall effects on human lives:
A leading cause of disease, death and personal loss, wasted potential. Diseases are often a direct result of addictions. Death is a direct result of   untreated addiction within extreme cases of substance abuse. Many substances are injurious and can cause cancers/illnesses. Personal loss: addictions result in grave personal losses, financial (overspending), degrade the quality of relationships (a lack of).

Frustrated/wasted potential: as an activity, addiction can result in the individual having to spend more time, effort supporting their requirements & feeding their addiction. That can result & compound into tremendous wasted resources, efforts, that could have been utilized elsewhere.

Breakdowns in communities: Addiction among communities can result in a breakdown of the social fabric. Individuals struggling with substance abuse are often found intolerable, unwanted & are preferably denied living & access to buildings, residences.

Social stigma: Being addicted to substances has a severe stigma attached within many communities, among the religious interpretations addictions are usually attributed to demonic & occult influences, but otherwise they are generally coming with a social stigma attached towards them and individuals struggling with addiction may face judgement, bias, stigmatization, social exclusion and may be ostracized, shamed or targeted.

Conclusion: Utilizing therapy towards addiction with Vandana Bhargave & Aatmikk.

Maintaining your life while retaining progress in the struggle with addiction, is a serious struggle/challenge that requires extensive efforts, mental and physical strength & support systems.

At Aatmikk, our provision of therapeutic treatment(s) towards addiction can enable vast improvements towards ensuring the individual can make progress towards their battle against the condition.

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