anxiety treatmentTherapies for mental wellness: anxiety, depression & stress healing.

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“I am wracked with anxiety & cannot function efficiently within my current job role.”


“My friend was suffering from depression as he had been unable to perform as he wished within his examination(s) & may not face admission into medical school.”


“I struggle with some anxiety due to having a history of post-traumatic stress primarily arising from my time as a medic and general practitioner within the armed forces.”


“Life transformation coaching provided me with the requisite tools, confidence & assurance to overcome my lack of belief & provided a path towards progress.”


“Life transformation coaching enabled me to overcome depression effectively.”


Peace of mind solutions: Life transformation coaching for stress enables people to develop coping mechanisms for stressful occurrences. Dealing with anxiety requires cultivating a mindset that can help individuals overcome their responses. It also requires understanding what causes stress and how to develop resilience to it. Life transformation coaching also addresses effective methods to resolve issues that cause stress.

“Depression can affect varying numbers of individuals throughout the world. It can result from a certain inability within many people in effectively dealing with their current life situation. Depression can also be treated or attempted to be treated through prescribing to life transformation coaching, that enables individuals to develop effective techniques and know how.”


Anxiety & Depression & Stress:


Therapies for mental wellness: Within human civilization, there has been mainly an upsurge of individuals claiming and even confidently stating that they are suffering from anxiety, depression & stress due to their life, work, and commitments, as well as positing forward a critique of modern society that the conditions are soon becoming a fixture, mainstay and even embedded within popular culture and the human condition.


Anxiety: A state of the human condition and mind where an individual is overwhelmed or feels a state of unease. Anxiety may be accompanied by or stimulate panic attacks and hypertension and, in general, can be harmful to an individual’s overall well-being and health.


How life transformation coaching can combat anxiety:


Anxiety can be combated via life transformation coaching via the development of resilience, counselling and therapy. Life transformation coaching aimed specifically at anxiety & panic disorders aims to enable mechanisms and techniques and develop mental resilience towards it.

Counselling towards anxiety can enable discussion, discovery, and practical development through contact with a specialist healer who possesses the requisite experience & drive and personal motivation to allow you to live and function without anxiety.

At Aatmikk, we enable life coaching programs.


Depression: Depression and its prevalence is reportedly emerging as a widespread phenomenon among various people, communities and countries. The impact of depression can be pretty harmful towards individuals and their well-being. At Aatmikk, we are your personal transformation coach in Gurgaon.


How life transformation coaching can combat depression:


It equips individuals with the requisite tools & coping mechanisms, such as confidence, resilience & methodology. The effect of a fundamental rewiring and addition to an individual’s toolkit enables individuals to combat their depression & move forward with positive development and progress.

Stress refers to a mind state in which an individual feels worry or tension due to a situation in their life or an inability to successfully resolve it. Stress can have severe to moderate effects on individuals and can significantly reduce the quality of their life and their well-being.


How life transformation coaching can combat stress:


Life transformation coaching can combat stress by enabling the individual to learn, adapt, and respond to stress. It also allows training and inculcation of new, novel methodologies and perspectives to deal with, combat stress, and effectively resolve the burden.

Personal growth therapy: Aatmikk, we enable the provision and development of a broader framework via life transformation  coaching.

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