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Peace of mind & Aatmikk:

Stress & anxiety, mental disturbances, depression, can seep into a person’s life and even seemingly take over people’s lives. Individuals struggle with mental turmoil: mental disturbances, conflict, and tumultuous emotions. Emotions such as anger, greed, despondency, disgust, emotions that are extremely out of the realm of normalcy.

When occurring a few times, they may be brushed aside as trivial.

But if recorded with a frequency amounting to that of a regular occurrence, it can be a manifestation of some deep seated psychological disorder and/or a clinical illness, often both and requires serious consideration towards treatment & examination, along with therapy to effectively resolve & provide resolution towards it. It also poses a significant risk to individuals if left unresolved, as these disturbances have a tendency to snowball or lead to eruptions, unless the individual can effectively seek relief and therapeutic approaches towards it.

Aatmikk: a renowned personal transformation coach in Gurgaon. 

Introduction: What is a peace of mind solution?

The following testimony is a general outline of the benefits observed by individuals following a peace of mind solution, and a general outline developed that may be observed when prescribing to a peace of mind solution at Aatmikk.

A peace of mind solution for busy professionals: for those who were engaged in several professional pursuits and requested to branch & transform the latest openings in novel areas. Their project(s) estimated time was slated to completion within 1 year, hence the work requirements were definitely substantial.

An individual employed as a teaching assistant, while requiring to study and pass 5 subjects within university, found it to be a difficult endeavor, it resulted in stress, anxiety, and feelings & emotions of dread, insecurity, & general gloom. An overwhelming experience that they underwent. While in this time period I was approached by individuals recommending them a peace of mind solution. That could enable them to transform, learn and engage with the novel and the increased requirement placed on them, with a new approach, mental state, and clarity, this seemed immensely beneficial & sought after, so it is recommended for individuals to implement the requisite peace of mind solution for themselves. Immediately you would begin to notice certain improvements.

The first one was that you may learn to let go and dispose of certain unwanted artifacts, thoughts, ideas that were not beneficial or leading toward productive outcomes. The second one was that the therapies can lead you to understand at a deeper level that you may be unable to effectively deal with your issues without an adequate understanding of how to use meditative techniques, not only during the free time that is available for you, but also during functioning and daily affairs.

Aatmikk: a provision of clinical hypnotherapy in Gurgaon.

Modifying your mental functioning: during work, interactions, towards overall improvement, a near total overhaul. 

That was the benefit of peace of mind therapies, it has effectively taught individuals that they could actively modify their mental functioning even during times where individuals did not really believe it to be possible, during work, interactions, and this led to an incredible improvement within my daily functioning. Interaction towards people and my general satisfaction with myself, also improved. Individuals can often change their life for the better via peace of mind solutions.


Other benefits of peace of mind therapies & solutions:

The other remarkable benefit was that through meditative techniques it enables individuals to improve their productivity, and professionalism in work. That yielded significant benefits for individuals and you can thus begin to recommend peace of mind therapies, meditative approaches, and practice towards effectively incorporating these within my daily affairs, work, as well as placing them with habitual importance towards relief on an everyday basis. Thus peace of mind therapies yielded several benefits for them as an individual and resulted in various improvements, most of which are and will always remain highly desirable, within operation metrics, of their life and it provides the possibility through active work and efforts of generation of the same within the overall mind and mental state of your being as an individual.

Peace of mind solutions are pervasive and all encompassing, thus they rank among Aatmikks provisions pertaining to integrative therapies for holistic healing.

“What are the therapies for attaining peace of mind?”

Peace of mind solutions are pervasive, and all encompassing, thus they rank among Aatmikks provisions pertaining to integrative therapies for holistic healing


Requirements in people towards them seeking a peace of mind solution:

Individuals in the modern era actively seek & pursue a form of rest. People also actively pursue relief, closure.

A key  requirement among people seeking peace of mind therapies is enhancement within their mental states and lives: individuals often chase productivity as a prized racehorse, may have deficits within their attention, and seek various mental abilities attributed towards its enhancements. 

Requirements also emerged for with a degree of positivity & meditative states. 

Peace of mind therapies can enable these developments, without the utilization of extensive or artificial substances, as they reform the individual and enable them to utilize and develop their mental strength towards the active inculcation of habits, that enable improvements for them. 

Peace of mind therapies aim to provide therapeutic benefits, and are also effective towards symptoms thus can be utilized as a complement to medical treatment.

Personality development, self-improvement, self-analysis, self-rectification. Calm periods, relaxation, improves mental functioning, improves mental ability, improvement in overall well-being.

Why individuals seek a peace of mind solution:

  Towards attainment of clarity

  Utilization and mental relief

  Enables mental peace

  Effectively deals with emotions

  Elimination of symptoms and anxiety

  Can be utilized towards anxiety disorders

Various benefits of peace of mind therapies: a general outline:

Peace of mind solutions.

  Enabling personal development

  Providing relief

  Meditative states

  Attaining calmness


At Aatmikk, there is a comprehensive provision of therapies, counseling and efforts utilized towards the development of individuals, with peace of mind therapies enabling individuals to pursue and benefit from harnessing the ability to maintain productive and sought after mental states, clarity, peace, and mindsets. Vandnna Bhargave is a personal transformation coach in Gurgaon.

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Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise

Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise