Relationship IssuesResolve relationship issues: Distant healing & communication.

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Two individuals within a committed relationship should always be in communication.”

“Following the lockdowns, within the post COVID era our organization suffered a breakdown in communication.”


 “It is difficult; the cultural barrier is detrimental to working forward to a common ground & understanding.”


“My partner and I do not speak anymore, and we have no common understanding. This has resulted in a requirement for serious consideration of how to remedy the situation.”


“I cannot speak with them anymore. Thus the work and project has effectively stalled to a halt.”

Enable energy healing via Vandhana Bhargawe at Aamikk; the provision and sessions are invaluable towards effective communication & the benefits extend to general well-being, & enable individuals to resolve relationship issues.


“Our communication department requires spruce & a boost, we simply must get the correct technology, expertise & domain knowledge, fast!”

“I cannot speak with the current party leader; he has terminated my requests for public discourse & meetings.”


“The relationship between the political leaders & the cadres effectively depend on the potency of the leaderships generated communications.”


The quotes above state the importance of effective communication and whether the channels or lines between individuals are open or exist. Effective communication determines the effectiveness of relationships, operations and entire firms/corporations.

Distance healing: Who is it utilized towards?

Vanndna Bhargave(Aatmikk), a renowned personal growth consultant : Personal growth consultant: Individuals working towards the resolution of their issues. Individuals who have trouble communicating or lack the communicative ability or drive. Groups, & others seeking relief from illnesses, problems, setbacks and momentum towards development, rejuvenation of energy.


Energy healing sessions utilize energy healing therapies, which are not fundamentally dissimilar to Reiki and other forms, to increase communication and enable communication between individuals.


Distance healing utilizes the transmission of energy, prayers, & intentions, as well as direct energy transfer techniques between individuals or groups of people toward improving the communication and relationship between them. At Aatmikk, Vandana Bhargave enables the provision exists for personal growth therapy.


While distance healing can be administered in various forms and many therapeutic ways, it is usually utilized for relationships & communications, towards strengthening the bond and communication between individuals.


Benefits of distance healing sessions:

Distance healing sessions are extensively utilized towards therapeutic & beneficial outcomes; they provide several benefits to individuals and groups.

–        Strengthening of relationships: Through time & collaborative efforts spent between individuals, relationships can be strengthened.

Increased communication: Focusing on guided sessions, the transference of energetic healing principles and communication can improve communication.

–        Rejuvenation of energy & communication: The exchange between the healer & the recipient can promote energy rejuvenation. At Aatmikk, learn how Vanddna Bhargave (a healer) enables relationships & healing from past traumas.


–  Beneficial progress within the relationship: Energetic healing provides momentum towards beneficial progress through identification and active collaboration.

–        Energetic healing: Energy healing utilizes principles of energy exchange, therapy, guided meditation & other methods towards energetic healing.

Activation of dialogue between individuals and groups: Energy healing sessions enable dialogue activation. Dialogue is crucial for cultivating relationships and their development. Energy healing focuses on activating crucial contact, dialogue, and engagement between individuals and groups.


Conclusion: Energy healing is used to resolve issues and improve communication.

Thus, energy is healing towards the resolution of issues and communication.

At Aatmikk, our provision, research, consistent effort & dedication towards individuals & organizations enable transformations & developments, including Therapies for Mental Wellness.

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Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise