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Do you feel that your child gets annoyed and irritated easily?

Does he/she appear angry and sad often?

Does he/she refuse to follow rules and argue incessantly?

Does he/she have difficulty handling emotions?

Does he/she know how to express themselves correctly?

What causes emotional trauma in children?

– Not being seen or heard

– Having a parent who unconsciously moulds or shapes you from a place of their own unhealed trauma

– Having a parent who vicariously lives through a child

– Being told that certain emotions make you weak or undesirable

– Lack of boundaries (disclosing marital issues, over-involvement in relationships)

– Having a parent who focuses on overcompensating for things that were lacking in their own childhood

– Having a parent who denies your reality

– Having a parent who focuses heavily on your appearance

– Being emotional support for parents

– Having a parent who cannot regulate their own emotions


We at Aatmikk offer a comfortable environment that allows children, teenagers, and youngsters of all age groups which allow them to share, acknowledge and resolve issues with our experts.

– Understanding the child’s perspective and educating him about emotions and feelings

– Releasing the trauma, if any, the child has faced during early childhood through hypnotherapy

– Empowering them for greater success in life through counseling

– Counselling parent/s so that a relationship of mutual trust and respect can be established.


Connect with us on 9999734137 to share your concern.

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Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise