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Introduction: What is a practical career? What is an effective professional? How do individuals utilize successful coaching to transform their careers?

“I am seeking my life purpose, and I want to tie my career towards it.” Career counselling at Aatmikk, aims to produce change & resilience within your professional life. 


“We have motivated, working individuals, yet no direction or focus for tangible career development.”

“I am unable to work within corporates due to my lack of progress within my career development, I have ample time and seek to pivot currently, coaching can help me towards a route, path and knowledge.”

“I have always sought an improvement within my career.”

“I want to excel and provide value within my career and towards a goal, organization and objective.”

“I want legitimate working experience and skills to be effective within a cross disciplinary 21st century context.”

“With the right career and skills, I cannot only transform my life but also my community. I can contribute positively towards the development of humanity, making a real difference in the world.”

 What sets high-performing professionals apart from those without a successful career? It’s not just about skills and experience. Personal attributes, methodologies, approaches, and even their approaches to working, interaction, communication, & general living play a significant role in their success.


Vanndna Bhargava, enables & provides Expert counselling for career domains, relevant to the current landscape & the fourth industrial revolution where many professions stand to navigate rocky transformations within technological disruptions. 


Career development, a global perspective:


Global economy: Within the global economy, careers are usually attributed to being the product of having the correct qualifications, internships, work experience, projects, and domain-specific knowledge. They require years of effort, time, and investment to bring to fruition. Often, decades-long efforts and continuous commitment to work can result in what individuals can refer to as a successful career.

Career development Would most likely refer to the ability and methodology to maintain relevance, growth, sustainability, and active contributions to organizations and firms.


Career coaching: Within many institutes, career coaching emerged as a requirement towards fulfillment and resolving queries, increasing in popularity.

Personal transformation coach in Gurgaon: Aatmikk enables professionals to utilise counselling for their aims & to improve their professional lives. 

“I am facing no growth in my career. How can I utilize expertise and understand the routes, paths, and options available?”

“My career is concerning me; I have faced no promotions and lack requisite skills.”


Developing an individual’s career:

–       Counselling towards identification of problem areas.

–       Identification of problem areas: Several individuals may face problems within career development. Addressing & identifying the problem areas enables individuals to seek effective solutions. Without effective identification, there would be no practical solutions.

–       Developing and brainstorming achievable goals.

–       Addressing through therapy & coaching: Therapy & coaching enables individuals to work proactively, engage within discourse and dialogue, and develop the requisite thinking skills.

–       Effective action towards resolution of problem areas.

–       Adaptability & Leadership skills: Developing adaptability & leadership skills enable individuals to enhance their career development & knowledge. The ability & and foresight towards change also enable individuals to teach & have the mental preparedness for the future.

– Domain-specific knowledge: The requirement for domain-specific knowledge cannot be replaced in many careers.

–       Proven track record: An individual must have a proven track record within any field to develop themselves within the career or industry.

–       Multidisciplinary: Several individuals within corporations possess and display multidisciplinary knowledge, often setting them apart from the average professional. Within the 21st century, knowledge across domains has developed towards a requirement.


Aatmikk, your preferred Personal transformation coach in Gurgaon.


Conclusion:  Utilizing counselling for career development with Vandana Bhargave & Aatmikk.

At Aatmik, therapeutic approaches consolidate our efforts to provide vast improvements within professionals’ lives via counselling & therapy.


Inform, engage & get in the requisite loop with us at Aatmikk (Vanddna Bhargave): a personal growth consultant.

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Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise