Peace of mind solutionsclinical hypnotherapy in Gurgaon: Healing from previous traumas

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Introduction: Trauma

What is trauma? How can trauma have debilitating impacts on individuals? What novel therapeutic approaches exist? How are trauma-release therapies beneficial to individuals?


Peace of mind solutions: Aimed towards trauma resolution & treatment at Aatmikk.


Worldwide, how prevalent is trauma that requires treatment in Individuals? While in medicine and biological applications, trauma refers to an injury, in an analogous manner, trauma, primarily mental or psychological, refers to damaging psychological, emotional, or cognitive effects.


The beneficial effects of Peace of mind counselling services: For your personal, effective resolution of deep-seated trauma, serve to resolve them for your improvement and transformation at Aatmikk. 


Trauma: “I have been traumatized” is often a testimony among various individuals living in the modern 21st century. It is a statement that carries with it several connotations, many of which are exceedingly dark and most of which are considered improper within any civilized society & the definition of humanity and civility. Often, individuals who refer to accumulating or experiencing trauma are reporting the requisite feeling that they have experienced and are struggling with the mental, psychological, emotional, and requisite manifestations of trauma such as PTSD, anxiety, panic disorders, heart attacks, breathing difficulties (shortness of breath), insomnia, and general illness. Peace of Mind Solutions at Aatmikk aims to incorporate specialized healing approaches to trauma, including a comprehensive approach to therapies for mental wellness. 


Among various disorders, it is also of note and significance that several illnesses within individuals are reported to be, within multiple studies, the direct result of long-term psychological & traumatic distress.


Trauma release therapies: Within occupations that are exposed to trauma regularly, individuals have reported various conditions, such as depression, loss of interest in activities, insomnia, increased alertness, stress, panic, manifestations of heart problems, breathing problems, difficulties focusing, memory problems, hypertension, and blood pressure irregularities. Peace of mind counselling services: Aatmikk provides therapeutic counselling, including hypnotherapy and an assorted array of specialized treatments, towards effective trauma release, resolution and dissolution.


Thus, effectively overcoming & dealing with trauma can benefit individuals exceptionally well.





Trauma: global & worldwide prevalence

In the previous few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic era, individuals had to face several difficulties globally. The global pandemic traumatized many individuals and countries.

Disorder/conditions arising from trauma: Worldwide prevalence:
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 3.5 % to 5.6 %
Traumatic Life events: war, famine, pandemic, violence, mental & psychological bullying etc 70 %
Substance use & addiction The vast majority of long-term trauma can result in substance use & addiction.



Mental, psychological trauma: a leading cause of degraded quality of life globally.



Therapies for mental wellness: Trauma & resolution through effective treatment & counselling.

Trauma-release therapies seek to address a crucial block and factor within individuals subjected to trauma. Traumatic life events that are outside the norm of acceptable events are challenging and leave lifelong, lasting scars on individuals.


Clinical hypnotherapy in Gurgaon: Trauma can negatively affect an individual and every facet of their life, overall well-being and health. Within specific cases, individuals suffer from depression, roadblocks, a lack of willingness to engage with the world, and an inability to overcome the trauma.


Therapies that address Trauma work in effect to attempt to resolve the trauma by providing mechanisms that target and enable resolution and release from trauma. Often, traumatic events leave long-lasting and debilitating effects. They can result in significant degradation of the quality of life within individuals.

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