Therapeutic Past Life RegressionHypnotherapy treatment in Gurgaon: Healing past lifetimes inherited effects via past life regression therapy.

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Personal transformation coach in Gurgaon: Accumulated karma and issues from previous lives an individual can result and bring about several manifestations of problems and negativity in the individuals current life. Using clinical hypnotherapy in Gurgaon to overcome, negate, clear and purge them and their dangerous unwanted effects, past life regression therapy is based on the understanding that therapeutic effectiveness relies on collaboration and an effective methodology that implements and seeks to work on an individual with an effort that is of a therapeutic leaning, in order to transform that individual towards positive change and benefit, growth as well as an improved quality of well-being, and a mental and psychological state. Past life regression is offered at Aatmikk in order to improve a client’s overall well-being that is effective and yields transformation, change and learning when engaged with by a dedicated individual. Hypnotherapy Treatment in Gurgaon can enhance and provide solutions to your problems and karma, through past life regression therapy.

Past life regression therapy is a form of therapy that provides and puts forward therapeutic practice based upon the following (but not limited to) notions:

– Hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic methods to recover, record, examine, study and analyse, within acceptable and tolerable limitations, what individuals believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, it recovers an individual’s records of their past or prior incarnations.

– Though others regard them as fantasies, delusions or products of overactive imaginations.

– Past life regression or the practice of regressing people back into their past lives through hypnosis is a common technique in psychotherapy.

The psycho therapeutic approach within past life regression and hypnosis in general aims to recover:

– Memories of previous existences
– Any accumulated doorways that linger in the current life from previous incarnations
– Accumulated karma from previous incarnations, if any that have resulted in possible manifestations of issues within an individuals current incarnation.

Working principle of past life regression:

The past life regression technique is a form of hypnosis in which the subject answers yes or no questions while they are under its influence. The methodology employed here is not dissimilar to “recalled memory therapy”. However, during the therapeutic process individuals have reported that individual(s) or person(s) undergoing past life regression have submitted experiences and reports that are fictitious, artificial and false, that did not occur but were the result of their imaginations, possibly caused through a variety of factors including but not limited to:

  • Duress  through hypnosis.
  • Overactive imaginations
  • Results of the therapist/hypnotists suggestions/implantations

As a result, the memories that surface during past life regression therapy sessions may resemble fantasy tales found within novels, rather than accurate recollections of past lives. Due to the gentle and delicate nature of regression therapy, often a baseline and uniformity and personal experience is required from individual(s), that is achieved through multiple sessions and work with a trained hypnotherapist. That level of support and dedication, although seemingly unreal and unachievable, is provided and required to yield and generate precise results is available through the Best clinical hypnotherapy treatment in Gurgaon,


Past Life Regression is the perfect way to heal from your past and move into a brighter future.

Healing past lifetimes and clearing traumatic events is the key to living your best life in this current incarnation.

The benefits of healing from your past and moving towards a brighter future:

Achieving an increased and fuller actualization: By acknowledging past lives, roadblocks and manifestations of karma, one can utlilize the knowledge to move towards a brighter and better future.

Unlocking, developing and cultivating, the creative force that is dormant within individuals.

Expanding and developing your worldview and instilling and enabling a sense of belonging, community and identity

Developing a sense of your identities in previous incarnations, and karma: A requirement in order to deal with the current incarnation of an individual.

Regression therapy:

Regression therapy is a type of treatment:

  • Provides resolution of past conflicts and childhood issues
  • Helps individuals who suffer from phobias, PTSD, traumatic stress disorders, anxiety.

Through consistent support and sessions at Aatmikk, several individuals have greatly benefited from hypnotherapeutic past life regression.

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