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Introduction: Life Purpose & existential anguish

Several individuals face existential dread and emotions related to the reason(s) for their being, and how to dedicate and provide life purpose for them. They require direction towards discovery, self-discovery, for understanding what they are passionate about, what provides fulfilment and meaning in life.

An individual who has a life purpose: is altogether someone who is very well put together and competent. An individual who has a life purpose is driven, more productive, has increased ability to function, and is not said to be rudderless  or lost. Within the modern society, there are various individuals lacking a life purpose which in effect hinders them to various, and often debilitating extents.

At Aatmikk, there exist a range of services that are under the categorization of Therapies for mental Wellness.

Due to the increase in availability of knowledge, training, and technology, there has been a near infinite increase in complexity. Thus individuals are lost among a myriad of possibilities for their future, employment and life. Typically, individuals were driven to find purpose for their ethnicity, people, country, religion, child, or family, occupation.

Life purpose coaching: people & Aatmikk

At Aatmikk, trauma release therapies include developing resilience and purpose, as the life purpose of an individual assists in them moving forward and developing momentum.

The lack of a life purpose can acquire the possibility to manifest itself in various neurosis. These are generally observed among various individuals in society today, and nowadays. In popular culture, there was a reported resurgence of the “doomer” movement, and the “lie flat” movement.

Also within individuals as children, those children that had a life purpose tended to be more productive and generally likeable, productive adults as they matured. It is significant note that nihilism is generally a corrosive and depressive tendency, one that basically is the negation of a life purpose.

At Aatmikk, life purpose coaching complements people and is utilised with peace of mind solutions. The lack of a life purpose can result in neurosis within individuals, and in general result in mental disturbances.

By and large, the vast majority of people seek a life purpose, & the ability to move and develop towards it. Life purpose coaching at Aatmikk is enabled via the following therapeutic methodologies

Emotional freedom techniques Emotional freedom techniques enable individuals to clear blockages, addressing limiting beliefs and releasing negative emotions.
Therapy for overcoming phobias Phobias can hinder personal growth. Therapy for phobias enables individuals to eliminate them resulting in greater ability towards seeking an individual’s life purpose.




Life coaching programs: Aatmikk develops people holistically. Those searching for life purpose or assistance towards finding that toward which to direct their energies and efforts to, are recommended to pursue life purpose coaching at Aatmikk.

We understand the requirement for dedication towards a purpose within an individual’s life can be a determinant as to whether that individual can succeed or gain abilities, transformation, motivation & learning.

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Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise