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Yes, but if you work there, it can be really hectic.”


 “It can be difficult to work there and manage a family and personal life.”


 “At times, it can be very stressful working there. Be dedicated and ensure the correct requisite support.”

“Yes, but for now, I have familial commitments, hence I require extensive work-life balance.”

“Working at a corporation can traumatize some individuals.”

“Due to the COVID pandemic, our stress levels increased significantly within our corporation as the business model came under threat.”

Personal transformation coach in Gurgaon: Maintaining effective efficiency & a work-life balance has emerged as a requirement among corporates. Among the various aspects, work environment, workload, job security, career development and interpersonal relationships can contribute to corporate stress.

At Aatmikk, Vandnna Bhargava provides several therapeutic and counselling solutions, including life coaching programs, that can effectively address, treat, and resolve issues.

Workers employed at corporate-structured companies in 2023 reported significant amounts of stress that affected their work and aspects of life outside of work. It is significant to note that workers considering employment at the firms are often warned beforehand that the work requirements are demanding, hours long, and tedious.

Are corporations facing abnormal, excessive stress within workers and their ecosystems? How does this detrimentally impact their operations, efficiency, and employees’ overall well-being? What steps, measures, and actions can be taken? Life transformation coaching is an effective solution for resolving corporate stress and adapting to its generative causes.

Corporate workers & corporate environments are often under duress & this can result in degradations within their quality, functioning and optimization. Usually, eliminating duress & factors that yield stress is a requirement & can enable improved performance.

At Aatmikk, Vanndna Bhargave provides resolution & movement towards life purpose coaching.

For a corporation, synthesis & unity within teams, departments, and work is crucial.

Within corporations, managing and eliminating stress and its effects on employees has emerged as a requirement.


–        Work environment: The work environment can contribute to corporate stress.  

–        Work culture: A corporation’s work culture can contribute to corporate stress.

Workload and work requirements Can be a significant contributor to stress levels within corporations, employees, and the entire corporate ecosystem. An increased workload can result in stress and distress, especially if performances do not match the expected and required efficiency.

–        Interpersonal conflicts: Conflicts with other workers and colleagues can result in stress levels with individuals & within the corporate ecosystem.

–        Job security: Job security among individuals, workers, & departments can often result & stimulate stress levels.

Career development: Career development requires consistent work, effort, and training, as well as time and learning commitments. It is thus a contributor to corporate stress and stress within a corporation’s individuals.

–        Training: Training towards utilization of technology & roles can result in elevated stress levels.

–        Learning: Learning within corporations is a fundamental activity, and it is thus required among them.

Business and global affairs: Developments within the global and business world can detrimentally impact several individuals.

–        Personal affairs: The effect of personal affairs can impact corporate stress levels.

–        Developing frameworks & adaptive mechanisms towards trauma: Traumatic experiences require frameworks & adaptive mechanisms towards the development of resilience and effective mechanisms to solve/eliminate them.



The effects of corporate stress can be detrimental and result in decreased performance, output, efficiency, and total integration, as well as a breakdown within the firm/corporate.


Life transformation coaching can effectively address the fundamental factors contributing to turnover levels.

“We cannot control the world, but we can adapt and control how we react and think about it, thus enabling our development, growth, and increased performance/survival.”

Benefits of corporate stress healing:

Life transformation coaching utilizes coaching, discussion, therapy, exercises, & therapeutic means and therapies towards eliminating and ensuring adequate knowledge and training and managing the factors contributing to corporate stress levels; it is a form and component of the inclusive set of therapies for mental wellness.

At Aatmikk, we enable the resolution and integration of wholesome, large-scale, applicable therapeutic and effective healing therapy towards the elimination of corporate stress, including trauma release therapies.

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