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Introduction: Marital problems & counselling for couples

Are you an individual within a relationship, facing disputes or marital issues? Or requiring the knowledge and ability to develop the marriage towards the next level or stage?

At Aatmikk, Therapies for Mental wellness are utilized for marital & relationship problems.

At Aatmikk the provision towards counseling for marital issues and individuals in marriages/commitment enables couples who are experiencing conflict, trouble, marital issues, to effectively work within therapeutic, counseling channels and directions. Seeking to eliminate roadblocks in relationships via counseling. Providing a rejuvenating energy between couples & their commitment. The approaches provided do not only work towards effective resolution but also enable individuals in relationships to develop, strengthen, and reaffirm their commitment in various ways. Various investigations and prior experiences have shown that individuals approach their relationships via the formative elements embedded within the subconscious minds. That also requires addressing, as well as the entire psychology and belief system of an individual towards their relationships, if altered successfully towards positive and beneficial development, can yield successful outcomes for couples with marital issues. Mostly this entails elimination of negativity, and self-destructive tendencies that individuals perpetuate due to their own stigma, experiences, trauma or various other reasons that can effectively be addressed in a safe therapeutic environment involving both individuals (the couple).

Aatmikk: among one of the best hypnotherapists in Gurgaon.

Marriage & intimacy are tied in together as concepts that require active commitment and work between individuals who are in their relationship.

Within the modern world, relationships are more or less facing the risk of decimation and face the risk that they might reach their saturation and maturity from various obstacles, including the innate mentality of the couples within.

It is a difficult day & time ahead for couples who face various issues such as cultural difference, religious, ethnic, marital problems, intimacy, lack of communication, clarity, lack of finances, and ability to keep shifting and transforming among various other problems that can result in being detrimental toward their relationship and their marriage.

Hypnotherapy for marriage trouble: a service at Aatmikk within the broader provision for marital and married couples, who have needs and requirements for their relationship.

The prevalence of prenuptial agreements, the increase in these, and the establishment of specialized services dedicated towards enabling cheating among committed and married couples was a sign that relationships, on a collective, worldwide, societal level, had entered into troublous times and there was perhaps a moral, mental, or societal element that required address.

Three core therapeutic services:

At Aatmikk, there are three core therapeutic services for marital issues:

  Couples counseling

  Emotional freedom techniques

  Regression therapy

Marriage troubles:

What are the root causes of marriage troubles?

At Aatmikk, intervention such as hypnotherapy can greatly assist in marriage troubles.

What is holistic couple’s therapy? It is an approach that

 Usually couples experiencing distress usually are confronted with issues and some common queries are in the exact ways through which therapy can yield improvements towards a troubled marriage or marital issues?  What is the effective time period for couple’s therapy to show results? 

Two individuals married in 2018, then proceeded to have a range of disputes that nearly effectively rendered communication between us to nil. Following the pandemic, the husband also discovered that the wife, partner were cheating on them with various other individuals. It was devastating to say the least. Thus commenced the lowest point within their relationship and marital issues. It was not dissimilar to the issues faced by various couples globally. How can individuals in committed partnerships, marriages attempt to solve this?

The recommendation was hypnotherapeutic approaches and holistic intervention. What is that?  It referred not just to addressing their disputes and attempting to egress towards a common understanding, but fundamentally utilizing therapy as a cure, and treatment toward their mindset and psychology, subconscious mind type approach

Relationship healing approaches at Aatmikk:

Relationship healing approaches:


  Regression therapy.

  Clinical hypnotherapy.

  Increasing the ability to engage in effective Communication.

  Increasing the ability to collaborate & co-operate.

  Setting realistic goals.

  Working together to eliminate disputes.

  Conflict resolution.

  Provide a path for progress & positive development.

  Fostering trust between couples.

  Understanding each other’s needs & requirements.

Dispute – method – resolution. These are the three stages utilized towards effective resolution of a dispute if all the participants are willing and possess the ability to arrive at an agreement that effectively enables resolution.

Marriage troubles issues: Aatmikk, therapeutic approaches and hypnotherapy is utilized towards it.

Therapeutic treatment Mechanism of action Effect for couples/marital problems/married individuals
Couple counseling Communication, identification of problems, roadblocks, collaborating and spending time with a healer, discussion Beneficial and fosters cooperation, trust, strengthens the intimate bond between individuals
Regression therapy Seeks to address the subconscious mind, prior experiences, traumas Provides resolution, healing and closure. Enables development of emotional resilience and maturity.
Clinical hypnotherapy Addresses belief systems, negativity, attempts to reformulate the subconscious mind, beliefs. Provides reaffirmations that enable a positive view, self-image, & perspective. Re-affirmations & works on the subconscious minds of individuals. Enables resolution towards behavior that may be originated from the subconscious mind of the individuals.

Develops confidence within individuals in the relationship.


At Aatmikk, the services aim to incorporate real long term stability, intimacy, emotional connection between couples, in order to eliminate marital problems and provide Marriage problems solutions.

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