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Self-perception & perspective:

Therapies for mental wellness: Low self-esteem is rooted among previous traumas and childhood issues. The experiences are formative towards how the individuals view themselves. Through targeted approach, the individuals can confront and overcome experiences that have impacted their self-esteem.

A low self-esteem can result in significant hurdles and lack of development within an individual’s life.  

Self-esteem is the opinion, view & overall judgment that an individual has towards themselves. Low self-esteem thus refers to the state where the individual lacks a positive opinion and has judged themselves as lacking in some aspects.

“I have low self-esteem” is a complaint often lodged by individuals.

Self-esteem and development. Individuals often suffer from low self-esteem. The issues can result in a host of problems within areas of an individual’s lives. Low self-esteem requires effective treatment and an effective, development and therapeutic oriented form of resolution within individuals. Trauma release therapies at Aatmikk enable progress towards resolution of traumas.

Addressing low esteem requires extensive therapeutic approaches towards its resolution and improvement within a condition, that can enable development and growth

Self-esteem and previous traumas: Trauma focused therapies work towards the release and resolution, actively addressing    previous traumas.

Self-esteem & previous traumas:

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy that enables focusing on the trauma memory while enabling experiencing bilateral stimulation. EMDR mechanism acts to modify the way the memory is stored within the brain, that eliminates and reduces the problematic symptoms.  Other therapies focus on the emotions, thoughts, and responses resulting from traumatic experiences. EMDRs adaptive information processing model states that traumatic experiences are the result of the memory not being adequately processed.
Trauma focus cognitive behavior therapy Trauma focused cognitive therapy addresses post traumatic stress, depression & behavioral problems.
Somatic experiencing An alternative therapy aimed at treating trauma and trauma related disorders.
Counseling Counseling is a therapeutic approach that aims to incorporate interaction, discussion and productive discourse. Provision of advice & methods to improve low self-esteem are supplemented in counseling.
Other therapeutic offerings Other therapeutic offerings at Aatmikk enable individuals to address their trauma in order to eliminate low self-esteem and develop it.

peace of mind solutions: As individuals process and deal with traumatic experiences there may be an experience towards a significant shift within their self-perception.

Self-blame: can effectively be resolved through addressing trauma & therapies working for resolution of self-esteem & self-perception.

At Aatmik, the presence of low self-esteem is a condition that can require extensive healing, analysis, efforts and therapeutic intervention. The results can be transformational and beneficial towards all aspects of an individual’s live, functioning and self-image, perception.

Low self-esteem can result from a myriad of issues that require addresses and efforts in order to provide some positive resolution towards low self-esteem and a negative self-image/perception.

At Aatmikk, addressing the root causes of low self-esteem, works towards enabling a shifting & transformation towards self-image & self-perception, that can address low self-esteem effectively.

Thus, individuals are often seeking therapy and professional support for low self-esteem as it is actively affecting several areas within their lives.

Peace of mind counseling services: Addressing low self-esteem, working therapeutically towards resolution of core issues & trauma.

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