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Clinical hypnotherapy in Gurgaon: Past life regression therapy, through hypnotherapy, is a therapeutic approach that seeks to benefit the individual, that asserts that individuals have had past lives or prior incarnations, where the individual can be required to be taken back through time to their previous lives or incarnations through utilizing memories that are usually restricted to their subconscious mind. This can be achieved via subscribing and utilizing hypnotherapy treatment in Gurgaon.

Past life regression requires a hypnotherapeutic approach that utilizes a session that guides an individual away from the noise and interference into a deeply quiet and relaxed peaceful state where its far easier to access, locate, record, interpret the memories held within an individual’s subconscious mind.

Past life regression hypnotherapy: ‘

Past lives as a concept, the principle or concept of re-incarnation among various belief systems and religions states that the soul (aatma) of an individual has been recycled throughout their time, and they are in a reincarnation cycle, eventually the termination of the reincarnation cycle shall be completed and the soul of that individual shall complete the cycle and no longer be subject to being born on earth again. This is the assertion or core belief behind past lives and incarnations. It is often disputed.

Throughout human civilization, almost every civilization, religion and belief system had explored the themes of the human soul and whether or not the possibility existed that individuals have had previous incarnations.

Why use past life regression hypnotherapy:

Past life regression therapy offers several therapeutic results among its practitioners. The individuals can often utilize the therapeutic approach in order to enhance their overall sense of wellbeing, focus, and yield serenity, growth and development towards enhancement, rejuvenation. The aim of past life regression is to assist the individual within their current context to achieve an understanding of themselves, and to provide therapeutic benefits that safeguard against mental and psychological imbalances, that can be sought through one of the best hypnotherapists in Gurgaon.


Why engage in past life regression? Many adherents have reported that it can provide relief from their current predicaments, challenges, and assist them in developing a stronger identity thereafter cementing and cultivating positive developments towards their betterment. The study of past lives also asserts that an individual’s current predicaments have ties to their previous incarnations, whether they be health challenges, financial or professional development goals. Aatmikk provides a comprehensive suite of therapeutic services in order to develop and assist individuals.

One of these is hypnotherapeutic past life regression. Aatmikk also acts as your personal transformation coach in Gurgaon, and we like to believe that we are unparalleled in our approach to individuals.

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