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Are you struggling with low self-esteem?

Do you :

– Struggle to set strong personal boundaries?

– Suffer from constant self-doubt?

– Always put others’ needs above your own?

– Settle for less in relationships and jobs thinking it’s the best you can do?

– Value other people’s opinions above your own?

– Always feel a sense of anxiety and tension around others?

– Know what your true needs are?

– Feel more depressed and sad than happy?

– Feel that you always need help (you can’t do anything on your own)?

– Feel scared of sharing your authentic self with others?

– Feel less confident in your skin?

Lower Self is a product of fear and a misunderstanding of who you are as a person, which could result from childhood trauma you must have gone through.

What do we need to do to come out of this?

– Inner child work

– One-on-one counseling sessions

– Ancestral healing, in case you’re grappled with an ancestral shadow and you’ve inherited this from your lineage.


– You’ll be able to love and respect yourself

– You’ll be able to make wise decisions

– You’ll feel more confident

– You’ll be more authentic

– You’ll be inspired to find loving friends and partner

– You’ll be channeled to find your life purpose

– You’ll be able to remove toxic people and habits from your life

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