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“I’m a small business owner, I want to expand and scale up, but do not possess some of the requisite skills, personality, or other factors that hinder my development, can you assist me?”

“I am an immigrant who has arrived in a new country to commence business operations, however, my culture & outlook on life are quite incompatible with the ground reality.”


 “Most business owners miss out on several fundamental aspects that could potentially scale up their operations, efficiency, and output by up to twice their current level.”

“Recently, I came across a quote in a media channel I follow:” The truth is that constructs like corporations and businesses only exist within our imaginations.” On the other hand, highly structured corporations and business models have revolutionized business, lives and human civilizations. My assertion is meant to challenge your understanding & expand your inquiry into your business.”


Business counselling: Life transformation coaching.

A business is more than a registered entity providing goods and services. It may be your life’s work, mission, and sole identity. A company can transform your & the lives of all its employees, stakeholders, and customers.


How do you overcome potential issues in business? Are you a business owner facing difficulties in your business? 


At Aatmik, our provision extends to every facet of your ambition, including life coaching programs.


Life transformation coaching for business: Not just a business course.


The reader here may be tempted to believe that life transformation coaching for businesses is a business or business theory course.


While it may contain elements of business studies and knowledge attributed to these domains, life transformation coaching towards business coaching enables the provision and imparts knowledge that encourages the development of mental faculties, behaviours, learning, and methodology to address pitfalls within your business, especially regarding business performance.


At Aatmikk, the comprehensive range of provisions for individuals includes clinical hypnotherapy in Gurgaon.


Identification of issues:   


Effective therapy & discussion, life transformation towards business aims to provide a degree of identification & acknowledgement towards the issues that would enable resolution. The coaching also allows the development of a framework that can help the long-term & future monitoring & identification of problems that can crop up.


Profile & purpose of business:


Counselling can assert itself to identify the profile and purpose of your business, thus enabling a development and approach toward it. Most business owners have some personal purpose in operating their own business. Effective therapy, life transformation coaching, and counsel can assist in identifying the profile & and purpose of your business. Vandana Bhargave (Aatmikk) also enables therapy for financial phobia.

Identification of goals:


A business requires goals and outcomes to aspire to and achieve. Achievement of them enables the business to grow and develop its production, abilities, and every aspect of itself. Business counselling can greatly assist in identifying your business’s goals.


 Strategic objectives:


Strategic objectives assist business growth and are a suite of objectives that almost every small to medium corporation has been able to provide and commence efforts towards their fulfilment explicitly.


Managerial acumen:


Managerial acumen & managerial ability can be effectively addressed via life transformation coaching.


Interpersonal relationship: Cultivation & development of interpersonal collaboration & relationships can strengthen any collective endeavour or collaborative movement. Within corporates, life transformation coaching can enable the development of interpersonal relationships that are necessary & thus improve performance, integration within departments & teams  An entrepreneur or small business owner can receive guidance and life purpose coaching at Aatmikk.


Engagement: Individual engagement among people at corporates. The level and intensity of engagement can be developed via life transformation coaching. This dramatically improves the corporation in terms of both personal and corporate. Life transformation coaching seeks to enable increased levels and effective intensity of engagement within individuals to apply to the entire collective/corporate.

At Aatmik, Vanddna Bhargava acts as your personal transformation coach in Gurgaon.

Operations: Life transformation coaching and business counselling enable developments within operations. They can increase efficiency and professionalism among individuals.

Processes: Processes enable businesses to function exponentially and must be created to support the firm’s requirements for information, paperwork, and regulation.

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Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise