Healing therapyHealing from past traumas: Towards personal development & well-being.

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Healing from past traumas: How do individuals recover from traumatic events? What is trauma?

At Aatmikk, therapeutic approaches often require us to explore the potential causative relationship between traumatic events and a deterioration in individuals’ quality of life. How detrimental have the effects of traumatic events been on your personal development and growth?

Trauma results from a broad range of causative events, factors, and occurrences, including but not limited to:

  • Violence
  • Bullying
  •  Emotional abuse and lack of development
  •  Psychological abuse and a lack of development
  •  Personal mindsets requiring resolution


Traumas can affect individuals and the human condition at a subconscious level, operating at a level where the effect manifests across interactions and eventually results in a manifestation across the societal fabric. The impact of maladjusted psychological development arising and affected by trauma can essentially result in failing collaboration, systems, and even entire countries. Individuals afflicted with trauma report and are prone to experience markedly reduced quality of life, work, and living, as well as general negativity and symptomatic manifestations, that can be effectively reduced, and resolution and recovery provided, at Aatmikk towards general trauma as well as healing from childhood issues. 

Unfortunately, in regions that are subject to conditions such as instability within societal, governmental, political, and economic factors, that result in individuals experiencing trauma due to occurrences such as war, poverty, lack of resources, instability, inflation, financial failure, market failure, societal failure, or even a deterioration in their well-being and mental health, trauma is the byproduct and effect. Within individuals from varying strata, traumas can also result from them being victims of violence, crime, their familial and relationship(s), and even their mindset or thinking, which requires them to address some fundamental aspects. Healing past traumas requires an extensive therapeutic and consulting approach, a deliberate and customized approach to the client. At Aatmikk:

Experiences associated with unhealed trauma Therapeutic efforts to mitigate and resolve, & resulting benefits:
Disturbing memories Aatmikk provides counseling and healing therapy to alleviate, resolve, address, provide resolution with disturbing memories.
Emotional disturbances
Post traumatic stress disorders
Compulsive behaviors
Panic disorders and panic attacks

Immediate benefits of commencing therapeutic approaches towards trauma at Aatmik:

Improvements in daily functioning Observable among individuals that place effort and collaborate with the practitioner and therapeutic efforts
Alleviation of stress Provides relief, and alleviates stress, stress results from unprocessed, unhealed trauma
Momentum May provide momentum and movement towards goals, progress.
Collaboration and inclusiveness The ability to work with a therapeutic counselor at Aatmikk, enables individuals to be in contact with a guiding and expertise that they can collaborate and have social fulfillment with.
Trauma response Developing resilience and may eliminate unwanted aspects of a trauma response.

Addressing therapeutic solutions to trauma can yield benefits for individuals and assist them in overcoming the effects, management towards the effects and symptomatic manifestations of unhealed trauma, as well as providing a general range of therapeutic benefits. At Aatmikk, healing past traumas requires an extensive, elaborate, resource oriented and collaborative approach with requisite efforts that can enable healing of past traumas.

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Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise

Copyright Aatmikk-by Vanddna Bhargave. All rights reserved | Website developed by Conceptualise