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Personal growth consultant: Personal growth consultant: Why pursue self-development? Individuals often face inertia through a lack of development within themselves, and the effects can manifest and result in significant delays in progress, lack of opportunities, negativity, and a decline in overall well-being and wellness. Throughout human lives, self-development occurs at various stages wherein an individual develops novel mindsets, breakthroughs, realizations, skills, knowledge, and accomplishments, and as a result, is more disillusioned than previously, has acquired utilizable momentum and progress to use as fuel. 


Aatmikk (Vanndna Bhargave) enables your growth transformation via life coaching programs.


The working principle of self-development is to nurture and guide individuals towards betterment and their desired outcomes, which are positive and result in achievements/accomplishments. Often, a theme that is regularly portrayed is that individuals were misled by the influences surrounding them, whether it be media, a lack of access to counselling, coaching and therapeutic approaches we provide at Aatmikk or individuals, and even belief systems, or even subscribing to destructive individuals, beliefs, and actions, hobbies. Self-development ensures individuals do not get trapped in these dangerous societal constructions, some of which are deliberately employed and used to deceive, destroy and reduce the quality of life for individuals.


Self-development refers to the development of skills, self-awareness, abilities, and talents to achieve realizable and tangible improvements in an individual’s quality of life and well-being. 

Personal growth therapy: At Aatmikk, Vanndna Bhargave is your personal growth consultant, guide & mentor.

Development of the self refers to conscious attempts and deliberate engagement within learning, practices, knowledge, training, and therapeutic approaches subscribed to develop an individual to their optimal or towards a state that is more positively net beneficial towards and for them. At AATMIKK, provision and therapeutic approaches are undertaken to nurture an individual’s self-development. Self-development is crucial and often a requirement among various individuals. The benefits include but are not limited to improvements in well-being, determination, and creating a mindset conducive to progress and growth.

At AATMIKK, through efforts and therapeutic approaches that incorporate our varied experience, determination, and personal level of interaction, we provide therapeutic approaches to self-development that provide and trigger development. Through our consistent efforts and experiences with various people(s) throughout our experiences in delivering results towards self-development, betterment, well-being and health, the therapeutic approaches we employed successfully have benefited individuals tremendously.


At Aatmikk, we understand the fundamental human struggle and nature regarding an individual’s functioning and existence within the wider narrative and the world. Thus, self-development can be beneficial and is often a necessity for individuals, especially those seeking positive transformation, learning, and growth.

Aatmikk: enables life coaching therapy.


What specific skills can be equipped with through our therapeutic approaches at Aatmikk? Through our sessions and coaching, the ability to develop mechanisms to address issues allows individuals to identify various methods, forms of study, and techniques to achieve a degree of self-improvement.


At Aatmikk, self-development entails an approach that focuses on and enhances an individual’s quality of life and well-being through approaches that work to improve their functioning, self-awareness, development, and skills.


Vanndna Bhargave (AATMIKK) , a counsellor, enables individuals to apply a comprehensive suite of healing, self improvement, and self development tools. Including Peace of mind solutions. 


Therapeutic approaches at Aatmikk are known to significantly benefit individuals pursuing self-development through coaching and counselling, yielding skills, self-awareness, and talents.

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